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Been there…done that! Now it’s up to me to prevent that!

I used to sit on the computer hours on end, crossing my legs under the desk, clicking the mouse button, looking at a screen that is too low in front of me with a dodgy chair and no breaks. Then the pain kicked in. I actually could not do the work anymore. I had to take action or I would not be able to continue with my work.

My decision making point!

1. Do nothing and hope it goes away.
2. Get some pain killers and put a bandaid on it and pretend none of this is happening.
3. Educate myself on what I can do and utilise the knowledge and resources I have-small changes=big difference!

So I did my gig. I treated myself with low level laser, I introduced some natural anti-inflammatories, changed my equipment-new mouse, altered the height of my desktop, took regular break and exercised. My repetitive strain injuries reduced and my numbness in my hands has disappeared.

This is what motivates me. If I can do this-so can you. Don’t live in pain and discomfort, make small changes and provide your body with the tools so it CAN ‘fix things’.

Get in touch if you would like to find out how you can benefit from this.

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