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So this is what burn out feels like! You know that feeling when you go go go and GO…..you make sure the kids are looked after, the animals are safe, the finances are sorted, dinner is on the table, work emails are answered….it never ends. Then you have a break. Or a “holiday”.
Holy moly, what’s just happened? I have been keeping the conveyer belt going for the last 6 weeks with our relocation interstate move and now that we are up here, while it’s not over yet, I have been able to apply the brakes.

Lying in bed (at 3pm) I felt numb! I couldn’t feel my legs and my muscles were twitching. My adrenaline has worn off and while my mind lay there, still somewhat buzzing, my body couldn’t, wouldn’t move. Been there? Many of us have. Everything seemed an effort, a shower, making some food, talking. Please no more noise.

Recognising and acknowledging burn out is important. It’s important as ignoring this can lead to many adverse and critical health issues. High blood pressure, stroke, weight gain/loss, sleep quality, mood and stress adaption as well as hormonal imbalances, just to name a few.

What can be done about it? Adopting An ‘I can and I will’ attitude to self care. Fill YOUR cup, and look after yourself so you can look after others. It could be as much as an hour of taking a nap, reading a trashy mag or a great book, doing something you LOVE eg paddle boarding, horse riding, walking, getting a massage etc. GUILT FREE. I needed that 3 pm time out or I am sure some poor soul of my family would have worn it, but they were ok. An hour later, the world kept on turning. In fact it turned a bit more smoothly with a lot more 💖✨. Well worth it and so important.

#takecareofyourself #avoidburnout #selfcare #fillyourcup

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