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Food Advertising Aimed at Children

Food Advertising Aimed at Children


Here is something I am quite passionate about! 🙌😤

Food advertising aimed at children. I studied this a bit in my degree, and that was just under 10 years ago! Unfortunately, nothing more has been done about this, leaving the power with the food industry, while the government continues to watch the obesity epidemic among children grow 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️
If you read the article you will see how cartoons and toys are used to entice children to choose their products. You may be a parent or grandparent, who has this battle with your children every time you shop. I know I do! 😓😖

Here are some facts: 🤓

1) Children are naturally drawn to fun, colourful characters on foods in the supermarket, and food companies are fully aware of this. 🤡👩🏻‍🎤🦄
2) Children are unaware of the power of persuasion until they are about 11/12 years of age.
3) They know that children have an incredible amount of pestering power over what their parents buy.😭
4) When children are given a choice between a food that contains a cartoon character and one that does not, they will choose the one with the cartoon character, even if they don’t even know what the food is.
5) Cartoons and toys are usually used for high fat, high sugar type products.
6) It is everywhere- on TV (Australia has one of the highest junk food advertising rates in the world!), food labels, sporting events, sponsors etc.

I wish they would use this ‘persuasion power” to promote healthy food instead. 👍

Chile has been very progressive in obesity prevention, and has restricted the use of cartoons on unhealthy food packaging.

I try as much as I can to talk to my family about different foods and the choices we make. Awareness is power. 👊💪
It may not always be as strong as the advertising power, but it puts the ball back in the parents court when out shopping. 🙅🏼🙅🏻‍♂️

My advise is: plan your food, stick to your shopping list, try if you can to go shopping without kids (I get excited when that happens 😉), stay to the outside of shopping isles, and discuss food choices as ‘sometimes’, ‘always’ and ‘never’ food.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you may feel would benefit from this.


Here is the link below for the article :

Tips to eat healthy while on holiday

Tips to eat healthy while on holiday

Eating Healthy While Away from Home or on a Holiday

I am trying to cheat a bit and make this interstate move a bit of a holiday. I am realising just how much cortisol and adrenaline I have been running on in the last few months! While stressful, some super duper herbs, exercise and fresh food has helped me through this (ok, I’m human, and maybe a glass of wine in there too!)

Now that I am in our temporary house though, it’s a bit harder to implement all this. It would be all to easy to slip into bad habits, and trust me, it is very tempting to eat lots of ice cream and lounge around on the couch!! While traveling somewhere new is (almost) always lots of fun, trying to eat and stay healthy on holidays can be a challenge.

Here are some tips I try and stick to, as much as I can, while away.

Staying Healthy on holiday?

That may not sound like sound like much fun, but worse when you feel bloated, irregular, dull skin and gained an extra few kilos.

It can be tricky to pass up the afternoon cake and coffee, fish and chips or a glass or 4 of wine…especially when you are on holiday, but for the most part we try to put good things into our bodies. At the end of our hectic day real food helps our body’s and immune system to function at its best.

I don’t know what it is about being away from home and our routines, but it is easy to leave our rational, nutritionally savvy selves at home and replace them with high fat, high sugar quick treats, especially with the endless cafes and restaurants everywhere.

I’ve found some tried-and-true tips that allow us to enjoy ourselves while away, without falling into overindulgence or gluten hangover.

1. Plan. Yep. Boring, I know but you will be grateful you did it.

You know the saying “proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance”? It also applie for our food and how our body’s perform.

Meal planning is the single best thing I do each week for my sanity and for our food budget.  I now manage to plan meals in less than 10 minutes a week (and save dollars doing it).

This time, we drove to our destination, so I started pre-making as much of the food as possible. I batch cook and pre-make entire meals like salads, Bolognese of chilli sauces,  Falafels etc. so that I don’t have to cook much on holiday (which makes it more relaxing too!)  I also plan a few meals that we will eat once we are here so I know ahead of time exactly what I’ll need at the shops. This planning ahead means I won’t forget any condiments neither

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

Whether your destination is a short car ride or a 3 hour flight, having an array of healthy snacks on hand can be the difference between processed airport or petrol station food and a fresh alternative. It helps prevent blood sugar drops too so staying in control and avoiding temptation is much easier.  Having better alternatives on hand saves time Trying to find snacks on the go and keeps us from feeling terrible.

Snack ideas:

  • Boiled eggs
  • carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers
  • rice crackers, hummus
  • Trail mix (Almonds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, raisins)
  • Reusable insulated bottles for holding smoothies
  • Pre-made energy bars or homemade protein balls
  • Various types of almond butter, pecan butter and coconut butter for serving with fresh fruit

3. Keep to your eating at home routine as much as possible

For some people, holidays  are a time to completely throw their normal eating habits and budget constraints up in the air and spend far too much money eating processed foods at overpriced restaurants.

Ask yourself, ‘would I eat this at home?’ If The answer is NO, then I probably shouldn’t put it in my mouth while in another state or country either. But this can be a tough gig, especially if ‘everyone is doing it!’

Pre-making food or pre-planning meals when out helps a lot with this, since I don’t want to have food leftover that goes to waste. I also realized that much of the reason I like to eat out when I am away is that all I really want is  a break from cooking, so pre-making food helps with this as well. If I can’t premake it,  I remind myself that it’s not a junkfest, and mentally plan ahead of time to eat as we do normally (don’t get me wrong-with occasional healthy treats, I’m not that boring company ;-).

4. Limit the sugar

Make this an event and enjoy it! Just don’t make this an everyday/every meal occurrence but instead make it a special treat e.g. a long day of sight seeing or playing on the beach.  Also don’t forget how good a fresh smoothie or some tropical fruit tastes if you find that you want to have something sweet and zesty!

5. Picnic fun

Kids love a play in the park throwing a frisky or kicking a football. Why not choose some healthy but tasty nibbles that everyone can help choose and spread out a cosy blanket

6. Drink plenty of water

Often the weather is is warmer when we go away, and keeping hydrated is even more important. Bring your drink bottles and fill them. Aim to consume a bottle a day if not more and start the day with a glass of water or herbal tea. That way you start the day hydrated rather than playing catch up all day.

7. Don’t worry too much

So you fell off the wagon, so what? The most import thing is to try and get back onto it as much as you can. Rather than getting all stressed and thinking ‘what’s the point, I might as well give up all together’ , pick yourself up for the next meal or snack.  Just try to make the best food choices you can and above all ENJOY YOURSELF!

Stress less-Is stress making you gain weight?

Stress less-Is stress making you gain weight?

If you have stubborn weight that won’t shift, it is worth a lot at your stress hormone levels. Stress promotes fat accumulation so become aware and bust out of the stress cycle for long-term health.

Many health complaints are related to stress from headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems, menstrual disturbances to sleep problems. In addition to that long list is the accumulation of central fat-or more commonly referred to as the ‘pot belly’.  Not only is it an undesired look, it is also the most dangerous type of fat.

Stress hormones

As well as making us fatter, stress also makes fat more persistent and keep you fat. Stress responds via two main hormones-cortisol and adrenalin, which are responsible for your ‘fight or flight’ response.

Adrenalin gets your body ready to fight or flight. It is released very quickly in response to severe stress such as a gunshot, danger, being yelled at or finding a pile of bills in the mail. Adrenalin acts for a short duration. If stress prolongs, then the long-lasting hormone will kick in-cortisol.

Both cortisone and cortisol stress hormones work together to store more fat, especially around your central area. This fat will remain there for as long as your cortisol hormones remain high. Examples of long term stress could be a stressful job, studies, relationship issues or even chronic pain. These stress factors could all contribute to the extra fat that you have stored around your tummy and regardless of how hard you exercise, this particular fat will not budge.


Long-term stress also plays with our appetite and food cravings by influencing our food choices. Unfortunately stress does not make us run for spinach and carrots but the high fat, high sugar/salt type junk foods. These type of foods might give you a quick fix of feel good hormone serotonin but shortly after you will feel worse and start the viscous cycle of again by searching for your next serotonin fix. That is why they are called ‘comfort foods’-they temporarily comfort us from the stress blues.

In addition, stress can affect the quality and quantity of your sleep, which in turn affect your food choices. Individuals who are not getting enough sleep often tend to make poorer food choices.

If you have been struggling to keep to a healthy diet, it might be worth your while to look at reducing the stress levels in your life first.

What can you do?

  1. Talk about it

Seek help and tell someone about your worries and stresses. Remember the good old saying; ‘A problem shared in a problem halved.’ Talking can reduce your anxiety levels whether it’s a friend, family or a professional.

  1. Get sleep

Eliminate all distractions in the room that you sleep. TV’s, alarms, phones etc. It is best not to even have them in the bedroom at all. The room you sleep in should be designed for sleep, relaxing and rejuvenating. It is the only time of your day that you get to do this. Aim for about 7-8 hours a night.

  1. Eat regular meals

This ensures your blood sugar levels won’t get too low and you will make better food choices. By skipping meals a low blood sugar levels might make you overeat and eat the wrong type of foods. In addition, more stress hormones need to be released to activate energy stores.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise releases feel good endorphins that will increase your mood and confidence. If you are feeling acutely stressed or sleep deprived yoga classes, swimming, tai chi or stretching might help you relax more.

  1. Meditation classes

Find a class in your local paper or buy a meditation CD and listen to it regularly.

  1. Herbal and nutritional supplements

These are no substitute for nutritious healthy food but in times of stress they can reduce the effects of stress on your body. Vitamin B’s are always beneficial in times of increased stress as well as herbal medicines such as gingseng and withania. Gingseng has been round for generations in helping boost energy levels and work performance, Withania is an Indian herb that is a very gentle non-stimulant that helps with the function of the thyroid gland. St. John’s Wort in another herb believed to relief nervous tension and mild anxiety. As with all supplements and medications, please ensure you see a qualified health practitioner prior to taking any supplements. .


If you are worried about your cortisol level in your body you can always do a salivary cortisol test, which can measure your cortisol levels throughout the day.

Either way, combating stress factors in your life and ensuring that you have a good work-life balance is essential for good health and is often overseen. Learn to listen to your body’s needs and treat it with respect. You will soon see a positive response if you take good care of yourself-inside and out.


If you are interested in reducing your stress levels and/or losing weight, click HERE call to inquire or book an appointment to see me.





Aching Back & Posture

Aching Back & Posture

Been there…done that! Now it’s up to me to prevent that!

I used to sit on the computer hours on end, crossing my legs under the desk, clicking the mouse button, looking at a screen that is too low in front of me with a dodgy chair and no breaks. Then the pain kicked in. I actually could not do the work anymore. I had to take action or I would not be able to continue with my work.

My decision making point!

1. Do nothing and hope it goes away.
2. Get some pain killers and put a bandaid on it and pretend none of this is happening.
3. Educate myself on what I can do and utilise the knowledge and resources I have-small changes=big difference!

So I did my gig. I treated myself with low level laser, I introduced some natural anti-inflammatories, changed my equipment-new mouse, altered the height of my desktop, took regular break and exercised. My repetitive strain injuries reduced and my numbness in my hands has disappeared.

This is what motivates me. If I can do this-so can you. Don’t live in pain and discomfort, make small changes and provide your body with the tools so it CAN ‘fix things’.

Get in touch if you would like to find out how you can benefit from this.

Post Easter Mini Detox

Post Easter Mini Detox

Easter chocolate, BBQs, drinks, teas/coffees….time to shake this off! I am doing a mini detox for 10 days! When you hear detox, so many of us immediately think this is going to be so hard, it will take forever and it will ruin planned social events. So what if I told you that you can do a pretty descent detox in 10 days that is pretty simple to follow? Don’t think of it as ” I won’t be able to have this food/drink”-rather, think ” I have an opportunity to nourish my body. I can have X, Y and Z….” It is 10 days. That’s all.

The cool thing is that doing something like this is a great trigger for other areas of your life. You start to exercise more, you sleep better. You are less moody and fatigued. Your hormones are more stable. Your skin looks great and your gut is grateful. You may even drop a few kilos.

Are you up for it?

Book an appointment and lets just get you started! I will talk you through the what, when and hows so you are clear on what you need to do.










Stomach pain could be due to many many different things. The general rules of good digestion are:

1.Don’t drink with meals
2.Avoid eating fruit with meals
3.Eat a big breakfast and a light dinner
4.Take a spoonful of cider vinegar with problem meals
5.Take digestive enzymes with meals
6.Do a probiotic course (not Yakult)
7.Keep fried foods, carbs and sugars to a minimum
8.Eat greens with dinner
9.Get checked out for allergies
10.Do a stool, liver and Helicobacter pylori test

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