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Easter chocolate, BBQs, drinks, teas/coffees….time to shake this off! I am doing a mini detox for 10 days! When you hear detox, so many of us immediately think this is going to be so hard, it will take forever and it will ruin planned social events. So what if I told you that you can do a pretty descent detox in 10 days that is pretty simple to follow? Don’t think of it as ” I won’t be able to have this food/drink”-rather, think ” I have an opportunity to nourish my body. I can have X, Y and Z….” It is 10 days. That’s all.

The cool thing is that doing something like this is a great trigger for other areas of your life. You start to exercise more, you sleep better. You are less moody and fatigued. Your hormones are more stable. Your skin looks great and your gut is grateful. You may even drop a few kilos.

Are you up for it?

Book an appointment and lets just get you started! I will talk you through the what, when and hows so you are clear on what you need to do.

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