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Natural Ways To Improve Health

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Good health is an important part of feeling happy and motivated about life

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes it feels hard to stay on top of it all and look after ourselves. Good health is vital in feeling happy and motivated about life. I offer professional consultations where you can learn about ways of improving health and energy levels as well as your quality of life. However big or small your complaint, your treatment will be  tailored to your health goals and needs to get your feeling good again.

If you are feeling ongoing:

  • Fatigue and pain
  • Anti-social behavious
  • Inflammation and lack of movement
  • Unmotivated and sluggish
  • Increased anxiety and nervous tension
  • Gut complaints
  • Exhausted due to sleep disruptions
  • Emotional

Then it is time to break the viscous cycle and get you feeling well again.

One of the underlying principles of naturopathic practice is the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal and attain better health. It can, therefore, be applied to almost all health conditions, acute and chronic, and to aid the prevention of disease.

If you have an existing condition requiring medication, natural remedies can still be beneficial, under professional guidance, to mitigate medication side effects, or used in ad-junction.

If you are ready to take control of your health, want to beat pain and improve the quality of your life then I would love to guide on this journey.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Drug-free pain relief and healing. The healing effects of low level laser therapy are truly remarkable.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is the application of red and near infrared light over injuries to stimulate cellular repair.

Unlike surgical or aesthetic lasers, it does not cause your tissues to heat up. Light frequencies reduce pain and promote tissue healing.  It is painless, safe, non-invasive and has no side effects.

LLLT has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on inflamed tissue. By improving circulation and increasing cellular repair functions LLLT provides an environment for your body’s own natural healing process to be activated.

To sum up Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Provides pain relief by treating the cause and alleviating the symptoms
  • Accelerates healing, getting you back in action faster
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling, meaning less discomfort after an injury
  • Reduces reliance on pharmaceuticals (under medical supervision)

Naturopathy / Herbal Medicine

One of the greatest benefits of herbal medicine is being that it does not interfere with the body’s natural healing process.

Herbs are work synergistically with the body to help restore health, prevent and treat illnesses. The herbal extracts can be blended together to suit individual needs, and are useful in the treatment of many common conditions or for the maintenance of good health.

Clients may be treated through the use of

  • Teas
  • Powders
  • Capsules and tablets
  • Extracts and tinctures,
  • Essential oils
  • Australian Bush flowers
  • Bach flowers
  • various other preparations e.g. homeopathic remedies.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition plays an important role in virtually every medical condition. Good nutrition provides the building blocks for health. Assessing your nutritional status using pathology test results, deficiency signs and dietary intake is an important part of your treatment. Correcting nutritional imbalances is fundamental to the prevention and treatment of many common conditions.

Each day our bodies are challenged by excessive production of free radicals caused by our diet, polluted environment and stressful lifestyles.

Careful individualised prescribing is required since all humans are unique in terms of biochemistry, metabolism, anatomy and genetics. Our internal environment differs in gut flora, integrity of the intestinal wall and the immune system. All of these affect our ability to process foods, absorb nutrients and detoxify and expel wastes.

Clients may be treated through the use of

  • Blood
  • Saliva
  • Urine & hair testing
  • Diet & nutrient analysis and support
  • Motivational & lifestyle coaching


What to expect on your visits

PLEASE NOTE: Private health insurance rebates may apply for appointments when insured with AHM, Australian Unity, CBHS, GU Health, BUPA, Health Partners, Manchester Unity, Medibank Private, NIB, Teachers Union Health (Nutrition) and HCF

The Initial Consultation

During this time a thorough case history is taken which includes details of current and past health conditions, as well as a review of your diet, lifestyle and environmental factors which may influence health status.

A physical examination may be conducted. For clients looking to monitor weight loss/gain measurements and weight is recorded.

You may also be referred to other health practitioners, such as your GP, for further testing.

Follow up Consultation

This includes a review of the current personalised treatment to track progress and provide continued education and support.

Some Health Fund Rebates apply. Please inquire prior to consultation.

What to bring to a consultation?

Please bring details of any prescribed medication or supplements that you are currently taking, and any recent pathology and/or medical tests results, e.g. blood tests or scan results.

I’m passionate about food, eating well and healthy ageing so lifestyle coaching is also an essential part of every consult to ensure you are motivated to make the diet and lifestyle changes required for long-term health.

What happens during a Low-Level Laser the treatment?

After an initial 1/2 hour consultation, the laser will be applied skin contact. Tender areas are found by examining the painful area during each treatment, which is then treated with the laser for approximately 5-30 seconds/point. In addition, trigger points may also be activated.

Most people feel nothing at all while a few may feel a slight tingling or warmth during the treatment. Please see the FAQ section as well as the Services section for further information on Low Level Laser Therapy.

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Naturopath, Nutritionist & Low-level Laser Practitioner 

German born Kerstin Lindsay is a qualified health practitioner, with a Masters in Human Nutrition and 9 years’ experience of working in the health industry. She is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and World Association of Laser Therapy.

PHONE 0434 874 078

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