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I use low level laser therapy (LLLT) otherwise known as a kind of red light therapy.
It is ideal for RECHARGING cells ✨
Here’s how red light therapy works…⁠
Red light therapy is a treatment that uses specific wavelengths of natural red and near-infrared light 🚨
It enhances our ENERGY production on a cellular level, increasing our cells ability to create ENERGY!⁠
The more energy our cells have, the better they function 💪⁠ i.e. the better they can do their jobs!
Being a laser red light therapy means it is fast and effective, and best of all non-invasive or intrusive. Above all, it is perfectly safe! A session with me takes 20 minutes.⁠
SKIN , LYMPHATICS & MUSCLE benefits of regular use include:
✨improved skin health⁠
✨reduced wrinkles⁠
✨reduced scarring⁠
✨faster wound healing⁠
✨ faster muscle recovery⁠
✨improved injury recovery
✨reduced pain
✨improved sleep⁠
…and more!⁠
Send me a PM if you would like to find out more. I offer affordable red light therapy sessions.