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Now offering ONLINE consultations
While I am not able to continue with hands-on low-level laser and massage treatments, I AM ABLE to offer nutrition and naturopathy consultations.
With the current climate it is essential we keep on top of our health.
Online consultations allow us to continue to prioritise our health while staying connected.
Type of consultations available:
• Diet Clean up:
For those who are looking to review their current ways of eating and get their eating back in balance.
• Stress/Burn out:
For those that are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted (that is many of you!)
• Immunity:
For those who are looking to specifically strengthen their immune system.
• More complex health issues e.g. digestive, hormonal, pain/inflammation, sleep issues or mental health support
Ready to book? Send me a message now. I am here for you and not going ANYWHERE