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We started  eating mushrooms as food and utilising them for medicine more than 2,000 years ago. These disease-fighting mushies are a potent anti-inflammatory food. We know that many of the fungi we use today contains active compounds that have anti-cancer, anti-hypertensive, blood sugar-lowering, and other potentially valuable therapeutic properties.

What else? These edible mushrooms also contain good sources of fibre, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and trace elements.


The 2014 CSIRO Mushrooms and Health report found that:


  • White button mushrooms are great for enhancing the action of natural killer cells and other immune responses in mice.
  • Other reports have shown that mushroom extracts given to mice reduced inflammation, improved gut bacteria to resolve infection, and increased the anti-cancer immune response.


Researchers at the University of Western Sydney indicated that:

  • Mushrooms show to  increase the production of salivary IgA in healthy humans, and have a positive effect on mucosal sites such as the intestinal and respiratory tract.
  • 2 mushroom polysaccharides may inhibit breast cancer cell growth, possibly through enhanced macrophage function.

One study found that of 30 common vegetables, mushrooms were placed in the top 5 highest antioxidant levels when compared to vegetables.

Now we know they contain some pretty descent immune boosting properties. Whats so good about anti-oxidants anyway?

It contains this groovy anti-oxidant called ergothioneine. Protecting blood cells and transporting nutrients and oxygen to body cells, it also protects your artery lining from atherosclerosis (fatty deposits). We can’t make this stuff. It has to come from our diet.

So low levels of  ergothioneine = oxidation (damage) of DNA and proteins. DNA damaged->antioxidants try and correct the damage-> reduced risk of it becoming a cancerous cell.


So get some of these gems into you to  boost your immunity and stay strong!